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The Ethos Philosophy

How do you know if your organizational culture is good? Is it a place where people feel they belong, contribute and make a difference? Over the past 20 years we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders and in every instance where we found thriving culture, there were 6 Markers present. Discover how your organization measures against the 6 markers of culture.

The Ethos Process

Thriving culture doesn’t just happen. Thriving culture takes intentionality, time and effort. Our 5-phased process guides you and your team step by step in building the culture you want.

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Meet the Team

With years of experience building organizational culture and developing leaders, our Culture Architects are ready to assist your culture efforts.

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6 vital questions to ask about your culture

Written by admin // Published by The Business Journals

I am addicted. There, I said it.

There is not a home improvement, fix-and-flip or “how it is made” show on TV that I don’t watch. Even if I have seen the episode before, I find myself excitedly watching and waiting for the “big reveal” or to see how it all comes together or to hear the story behind the story.

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