The 5-Phased
Culture Process

  • Phase 1


    The Exploration Phase is conducted by a team of Culture Exploration
    Specialists. During this phase we explore your organization’s existing culture. This would include both the ”Legacy Culture” and the “Shadow Culture.” Exploration is both quantitative and qualitative and uses various methods and tools.

    The Exploration Phase usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

  • Phase 2


    The Design Phase is a combined effort by a team of Culture Exploration Specialists and Culture Design Experts. During this phase we Design a path forward based upon the findings from the
    Exploration Phase. This Design will guide the subsequent three

    The Design Phase is included in the Exploration time frame.

  • Phase 3


    The Build Phase is conducted with your Culture Architect. During this phase the the process of building your desired Culture comes to
    fruition. Using a series of onsite meetings, your Architect will guide your leaders through a process of articulating the elemental pieces of your unique Culture.

    The Build Phase can take up to 6 months to complete.

  • Phase 4


    The Integrate Phase is guided by a Culture Integration Specialist. During this phase, your existing systems, processes and procedures are reviewed and evaluated. The goal of the Integration Phase is to bring each of these things into alignment with the desired Culture. During this phase adjustments, clarifications and changes will be recommended.

    The Integrate Phase can take up to 3 months to complete.

  • Phase 5


    Sustain is the final phase and is guided by the team that has worked with you on the previous phases. During this phase the goal is to make sure the Culture that you Designed, Built and Integrated is being sustained at all levels of the organization. The Sustain phase is designed to be done through Executive Advising via phone/video teleconferencing.

    The Phase is a 12 month process.
    During this phase we recommend that your organization retake the CQ.

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